Learning how to see auras is something that most people can do with minimal training and effort.
Like most things aura reading can be easily practised, without the help of others. You can practice on yourself, then your pets and without any harm to others, you can start to practise on people with or without asking them for permission*.
Most of us probably see auras all the time, we are just used to tuning the information out. Perhaps our brain tunes it out as unimportant matter or we simply don’t know how to grasp it in full or we just think it’s nonsensical so overlook it intentionally or subconsciously – whatever the case, if you want to know how, I am going to tell you…
Seeing auras is a slight skill in that, it’s the way you need to focus/un-focus your eyes to see an aura is the same type of gaze you need to see spirits with your physical eyes etc.
The more you practise seeing auras, the more likely you will be able to see spirits more easily as well! So if that is something you are wanting to do, starting out with looking/reading auras is a good way to go – if you don’t want to see spirits, that’s ok too! Just don’t look for them lol.
All you need to do is practice for a few mins per day.
Auras can be seen psychically and physically… this how to is more physical based than psychically but that can help the psychic development in time as well (if you are that way inclined)…
Practice the following exercises daily if you can manage it but skipping a day or few here and there won’t really matter as long as you are being regular and consistent – but remember, what you get out of it, is a result of what you put into it… These exercises can be used by beginners and advanced practitioners.

HOW TO SEE AURAS (read all points before starting and then refer back to them)

  1. To begin with pick a room with dim/soft lighting and a plain background (white or cream/beige is great!). Not totally dark because you’ll probably have a hard time seeing aura in total darkness at first (or anything much for that matter lol). Don’t try to work in a super bright room either – try to find a nice balance… Later, when you are able to easily see your own aura easily, you can start practising in different conditions ie dark or bright rooms.
  2. Hold your hand out (about arms’ length) against the background, with your fingers spread out, like a star.
  3. Now look at your hand, but don’t focus on any spot on the hand. Instead, focus in the area between two fingers. After a minute or two, you’ll start seeing a kind of wispy mist surrounding your fingers. This is sometimes referred to as ghosting.
  4. At this point, you’ll be tempted to focus on it to get a better look at it. Don’t. If you focus on it, it will disappear and you’ll have to start all over again. Continue focusing on the area between the two fingers. If you blink at some point what you were seeing will most likely disappear. Don’t worry this is normal and you will gradually stop having this problem as you practice because you’ll get used to this type of gaze and the whole process will go faster.
  5. Depending on your natural ability, you may see this turn into a mist that surrounds your whole hand, you may see it turn into a colour or you may not get much more at all. If you don’t see much more than what originally appeared that’s ok – with a few days to few weeks, even a few months (everyone is different so don’t expect miracles to begin with) of practice you’ll get better at it and colours will start appearing. Again, do not expect this level of competency to begin with… for the first few times, you may just get a slight blur/ghosting and then you may also find it easier to read others than yourself so if you are still struggling days/weeks later, try someone or something else. 🙂
  6. If you keep practising, eventually you will be able to see different layers of colours and they may extend far in distance from your hand and it will just get better and easier as time goes on.
  7. You can also practice on plants, crystals, photos – whatever feels right for you!

*Once you confidently have the hang of it, then move onto pets and other people. Asking permission to read others auras is preferential, particularly if you are going to say something to the person because it is not ok to read others and give them information of what you see, unless you are very good at what you do and have asked that permission first and foremost (you run the risk of saying something that is inaccurate and could upset the person)… it is however ok to read strangers auras if you are not conversing the information to anyone – just for the concept of practice sake.
Hope that helps you get on your way for now. Keep an eye out because we will post an advanced section on this soon, what the colours mean etc… in the interim, like most things, just practice! If it is meant to be you will pick it up easily yourself.
Love & Light
Luan 🙂 xo
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