I often get clients asking me how to ask their question or simply stating that they are unsure what to ask.
“What is a specific question?”
So what is the difference between a specific/direct question and a general question?
A specific question is for example: My boyfriend and I just split up last week. We were together for 3 years. Will we ever get back together?
This question is very direct. It doesn’t beat around the bush and let’s the reader know exactly where you are coming from – with regards the answer you are seeking. It means in some cases, for some readers, that they will use less energy by getting directly to the point.
Alternatively you could just simply ask “My boyfriend and I split up recently. Will we get back together?”. This is still very direct.
General questions sometimes mean the reader will spend more time and energy looking into a situation. However, a genuinely gifted reader will be able to see beyond a client being vague or indirect.
General questions are more suited though to asking if you are not concerned with specific and direct answers and just want a general outline of what you have to look forward to in the future.
For example: Can you tell me what you see for my love life in the future?
This question is very vague and general. You will not necessarily get answers you are seeking. So if you do have a specific question to an area you want looked at then it makes sense you would be more specific. It also isn’t recommended that you ask a general or vague question, in this situation, if you are already in a relationship that is going along nicely. Why? Because the reader might tell you things you do not want to know ie married 3 times in 5 years, therefore indicating that your current love life will turn bad at some point… unless the reader gets into the details as to how and why you get to that point, then it may leave you with questions unanswered – which is fine, if you do not mind paying more money for extra servicing.
Professionally, I usually see all that stuff in between and will often deliver it, if time and energy allows. Occasionally, I may say to the person that if they want me to elaborate further into more detail, extra payment may be needed – but this will vary and I am often quite generous with information. I just do not guarantee it.
Personally, in my experience, I have been able to pinpoint areas and details, without being asked specific and direct questions, that have mind blown some, again, however, this is not guaranteed for every client. And I also do not recommend you ever test a reader. But it’s your money and totally on you and up to you what you do.
Keep in mind, readers will often see when someone is playing silly buggers with their questions… readers are only human too so try to play fair with your questions. A confident reader will often remain professional and just tell you what they see.
A genuinely good reader will see beyond any trickery or avoidance of an issue… however it will come down to a few factors on the day.
It is also a good point to make in saying that just because something is important to you, it doesn’t mean it is to the higher energies out there… so I always suggest to people that they try to be as specific and direct as they can be unless they do not care too much about any particular area. In some cases, the higher spirits and energies will see beyond a small issue and not mention it because it won’t be an issue later on but again, I usually see all this stuff, most times. Just not always.
We are limited by our time, energies, payment of service and if in the case of the in person reading, sometimes limited by the conversation of the person ie if you are a client that talks a lot about a lot of things… a good reader however, will learn to steer the reading and not allow the client to turn it the way they want it, however, we are only human too, so can get distracted by your conversations and not always answer every single question.
With regards to payment, try not to milk a situation with a reader. They are not stupid and can see what you are doing. If you want top service, then pay accordingly their worth. As they say, you get what you pay for, most times… I am known for going above and beyond, however, even I have my limitations.
Some people just like to see what the psychic will see on the day and that’s great but you could in turn be doing yourself a disservice… again! it isn’t something I have ever had an issue with but it can happen! What do I mean?
I mean you may not get the answers you are seeking deep down. That is one small aspect anyway.
Keep in mind, the more open, honest and less sceptic you are on the day, the better off you are BUT again, a decent reader will see beyond that.
Why? Because some readers will actually get annoyed with you – they are only human too! I usually just laugh it off – even when I can clearly see a client is having a hard time swallowing the information you are giving them… why and how do I do this? Because the spirits tell me things, in part, and because, I have seen many a sceptic turn around later on, when the information comes to fruition or when they take the time to sit down and be honest with themselves or when you at some point, hit the nail on the head.
I am always very confident and when the insight is very clear – I will tell you. When I am very adamant, I know it will happen or know that it has – you just have to see the light… but not every reader is like me… some will abuse you, some will dislike you and some will quit when they come across brick walls.
I know lots of people dislike me when I deliver information they can not handle (BUT information they have to be confronted with)… yes sometimes we are told to give you insight that you won’t like and it won’t matter how it is delivered… later though. most of those clients, end up seeing that they needed to know and that it did help them improve their situation…. anyway, that’s a whole nother blog right there! “Don’t shoot the messenger!” lol…
So, to break it down…

  1. Specific questions are better if you are wanting direct, honest and to the point answers.
  2. Whilst general questions can give you lots of information and also very direct and specific information, it is NOT guaranteed. And results will vary from person to person. Like any reading though, you will get what you are supposed to get on the day.
  3. Simply think about what the issue is and what it is you want to know about the situation.

Do I even need to ask a question at all?
NOPE! you do not! If you don’t have any questions or you are never sure how to ask a question and it’s more about offloading a bunch of detail and seeing what the reader sees from all of that… that is TOTALLY FINE TOO! I welcome all questions and styles of… some clients send me pages of information on a particular situation and no question… it’s all about what feels right to you and what you feel you need to get out.
Please keep in mind that not all psychics will welcome this. Some will be annoyed or feel resentful that you just wrote a novel. I am fairly easy going but not all psychics are like this and I have heard stories of psychics being rude to some clients about it or simply saying they don’t want too much information as it may cloud their reading – for me, personally as a professional reader, I find that a load of shit. Say what you feel you need to – I am all for what you want. With or without the information, it is no matter to me – I will still tell you what I see and hear without any influence of that information or lack thereof.
I actually find this is super helpful to the client… in some cases, all you need it to just offload or talk to someone about it – get psychic insight and perspective. Remember, I NEVER give personal advice or personal opinion! NO READER SHOULD DO THIS TO YOU! YOU ARE PAYING FOR PSYCHIC INSIGHT! Not another fools opinion!
All information is confidential (please see privacy policy and terms & conditions).
Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this and found it informative.
Still not sure how to ask a question or what information to give me? That’s ok! Simply email me at and we can discuss your issues.
Hope that helps you all,
Love & Light always
Luan 🙂 xo +
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