Psychic Medium Readings

Mediums: Mediums are able to see, hear and feel people who are in the spirit world.  The gift of mediumship is generally something that runs in families and most mediums knowingly, or unknowingly have the ability from birth.
Genuine mediums are very accurate as the information they receive comes directly from spirit.
Psychics: Psychics tend to just rely on hunches, intuition, a gut feeling, or cards.
Luan can and does use tarot, oracle cards, crystal balls, tea leaf reading etc 95% most of the information that comes through comes through from spirit – these items are just a tool and not much more. She just simply reconfirms the feelings and visions with spirit and vice versa, whatever is applicable at the time but the power of spirit is very strong.
If there is a spirit with you, Luan will see it & will communicate with. Luan has been known to read beyond the obvious or surface information and can get right to the root of the issue or someones personality and how best to deal with them.
Whilst we can not control entirely what spirits do and don’t come through on the day, Luan hasn’t found that any spirit decline coming through but of course this is going to vary from time to time. You can most certainly ask about loved ones and Luan will ask spirit about them and at the very least he will tell her but as said, asking for presence hasn’t really been an issue.
Luan is psychic as well as a medium. During a reading, Luan can take a look at your life path and situation outcomes, advice, insight, what will happen if you do this or do that etc & again always confirms with her spirit guide etc but is just very adamant in what she feels, hears and sees etc. Luan prefers you to ask what you want to know at the beginning of the reading but it’s not necessary. There are no restrictions with regards to if you need to interrupt and ask questions or converse during the reading, you most certainly can.
Luan’s psychic & medium ability basic explanation: Clairvoyance or “clear seeing”, Clairaudience or “clear hearing”, Clairsentience or “clear feeling”, Claircognizance or “clear knowing”, Clairgustance or “clear tasting”, also sense of smell… Loved ones, spirit presence & communication… Past, present, future, in any area of your life, personalities, feelings, emotions, even some thoughts of people, Luan is able to tune into all of this plus so much more… Luan truly is a natural born gifted medium and psychic… it’s an experience you must have for yourself.
You can purchase Readings with Luan here:
Due to restrictions with afterpay, Luan must keep the Lucid Angel’s Wonderland branded readings separate ie afterpay does not offer finance for these services.

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