Services Pricelist


Readings with Luan can be of ANY topic or subject. HOWEVER, email readings do have a few dedicated separate types. Please see the shop for those ie life, death, legal and medical. Please be respectful of Luan, the spirits that work with her and the time and energy an accurate reading requires, when making your choices for a reading purchase.

In Person Readings (any topic)

30mins =$85
60mins = $120
90mins = $160

Phone Readings (any topic)

20mins = $35
30mins = $45
60mins = $115
90mins = $160

Email Readings (any topic BUT please see the dedicated Email Readings for Medium readings, life, death, legal and medical – there are some exceptions to the rule but if in doubt, just ask Luan prior to your purchase. Alternatively, Luan can let you know after your purchase has been made.)

1 Question = $50

2 Question = $80

3 Question = $100

Full Reading (5 Questions) = $130

Dedicated Medium Reading = $125

Life (babies), Death (someone dying), Legal (going to jail), Medical (someone dying or extremely unwell or concerned of) Email Readings = $155
Other email readings purchased that ask these questions, will not be answered unless spirit advises Luan otherwise. It’s best to ask her before purchasing if you are concerned about the cost. This will very much depend on the question you ask, how it is asked and for what reason.

Live Typed Chat Reading

20mins = $32
30mins = $45
60mins = $100
90mins = $150

Readings that go over time, where able to, will be charged @ $15 per 10mins. Please be mindful of this.
There are more expensive options ie longer time frames – please see the sister website for readings as this site is afterpay restricted on those services thank you…